Kdesign, a leading company in the manufacture of cooker hoods

Kdesign, born in 2003, found a way to capitalize and maintain the traditional ways to manufacture metal. It evolved through time to become one of the leader companies in the national market. Kdesign embraces an italian and regional philosophy as well as its industrial management and localization of the production site.

Like a lot of neighbouring companies in the region, Kdesign has a lively and innovative spirit, introducing itself as an interesting and creative company. The company projects and tests new products in order to improve the quality of its cooker hoods, not only in terms of performance but also design.

The R&D department identifies day by day the new market demand and studies the products which better fit it. Kdesign, together with its customers, projects product shapes, develops technology and exclusive products fitting efficiently in the kitchen industry.  

Building partnerships is the key to success not only for the company but for its customers.

We create beautiful ideas you’ve have never seen before. Your own ideas.

Ideas have no limits or boundaries. In fact, Kdesign further develops its passion by opening itself to to customer needs. It has always distinguished itself by working alongside those companies in the kitchen industry which wish to experience new materials, new designs, new processes. Dynamic, flexible and above all pragmatic, Kdesign is intended for those customers who require a personalized and unique product, which stands out for identity and originality. New shapes and projects which anticipate the market demand in terms of aesthetic inspiration, functionality and ideas.